This section is devoted to our most frequently asked questions about anything and everything related to tubing, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and all of the other aspects of the river trip. Check this out if you have any concerns and it’ll probably help answer your questions. If you don't see the question you want answered here, simply call us and we’ll be glad to help at 908-996-5386.

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Q: When should I make online bookings?
A: We ask that your bookings are made at least three days in advance, if possible, but you may book the same day of the trip. We only take bookings through our website because your information is quickly and easily stored in our booking system. It is not mandatory to make a booking, but it helps us serve you better by being properly staffed, supplied and ready on the day of your river adventure.Further, if you book a trip, we can keep in touch by sending text/email alerts relating to weather and operating status. Groups of 20 or more persons should book at least a week in advance. We do take reservations all year round, so book today by clicking here.

Q: I need to change something information on a previous booking I've made, how do I change that information?
A: Simply fill out a new booking and mention that you're just updating a previous booking in the "comments" section.

Q: Do you have lockers or a keycheck?
A: Yes, lockers are now available! Delaware River Tubing is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced items so rent a locker to keep your stuff safe! Lockers are $5 on weekdays and $10 on weekends and are 12 inches tall x 12 inches wide x 12 inches deep.

Q: What physical shape should I be in?
A: You must be in good physical condition to participate. Those with health concerns or other issues should consult with their physician prior to coming. For safety reasons, those with heart conditions, those who are pregnant (after the first trimester) and those who have other serious conditions cannot participate on the ride. This is for your safety! Please call us with your concerns if you have any questions.

Q: What are the age limits and restrictions?
A: Four years old is the absolute minimum age to participate. All persons must wear a life jacket to participate. Furthermore, minors (those under 18) must have a responsible and legal adult guardian accompanying them. On certain days when the water levels are higher than normal, we may change the age and experience requirements until water levels resume to their normal levels. Novice swimmers and inexperienced swimmers MUST wear a life jacket to participate.

Q: Do you have kayaks or canoes?
A: Yes! We offer kayaks and canoes to rent. We offer single kayaks, tandem kayaks, sit-on-top/sit-in kakaks and canoes.

Q: How much money should we bring? And do you accept credit cards?
A: Check out our pricing page to determine how much you will need for your party. You should always bring enough money in case of any emergency. Visa, MasterCard and Discover Credit cards are accepted at Delaware River Tubing and at the Famous River Hot Dog Man. Sorry, we do not accept American Express. Checks are accepted, but only with State ID for groups of 20 or more only. Cash is accepted, as well.

Q: Are we allowed to bring coolers or alcohol?
A: Alcohol is strictly prohibited for your safety. Coolers are prohibited because food is offered on the trip at the midway point, and Delaware River Tubing, in association with The Famous River Hot Dog Man, have the highest interest in preserving our beautiful river and keeping it clean. If you have dietary needs or concerns that may require you have something, please call us in advance to discuss your concerns at 908-996-5386. We do offer vegetarian meal options for vegans.

Q: What should we bring with us on our trip?
A: Check out our checklist page to find out what is necessary and suggested. Just remember to bring a bathing suit, water shoes, a change of clothes and some extra money for snacks and souvenirs!

Q: What is the average water temperature?
A: Check out our trip planner section to find out the current day’s water temperature. You can view the water temperature here. Generally, it averages in the high 70's in the early season and the mid-high 80's during the peak season (July & August).

Q: What are normal hours of operation?
A: We are open 7 days a week from Memorial Day through Labor Day, typically (based on river and weather conditions). For our seasonal schedule, visit our hours page for more information.

Weekday Hours - 10AM-3PM (Last trip leaves at 3, open until last customer finishes)
Weekend and Holiday Hours - 9AM-4PM (Last trip leaves at 4, open until last customer finishes)

Q: How long in distance is the river trip? How much time does it take to complete
A: The trip covers a physical distance of 5-6 miles. In a tube/raft, it usually takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete. If you rent a kayak or canoe, the trip will take approximately 2.5 - 3 hours to complete. Trip times will vary and change on a daily basis based on wind/water conditions.

Q: How often do the shuttle buses run?
A: The shuttle buses run continuously. There are no set departure times. The shuttles will come and go as customers come and go. Shuttles typically leave every 15-20 minutes to the river and every 20-30 minutes from the river.

Q: What's the average depth of the river?
A: The river averages at 2-4 feet deep for most of the trip. However, some spots can exceed 10-12 feet deep, especially if the water levels are higher than average, but this is rare in this section of the Delaware River. On average water level days, you can literally walk most of the trip in waist deep waters.

Q: Are their any rapids? What "class" are they?
A: Yes, there are 7 sets of rapids during the second half of the river trip. The rapids are classified as Class I, which is the smallest class out of a 5 class scale. They are great rapids for beginners and still fun for the river veterans.

Q: Do I have to wear shoes?
A: Yes, shoes are mandatory. Furthermore, shoes cannot be flip flops or sandals. Shoes that are acceptable are any water shoe with a heel strap, Croc-style shoes or old sneakers. If you don't have proper water shoes, we sell proper river footwear at on on-site River Store. The river bed is covered in rocks that can be sharp or jagged. Water shoes will save your feet and make your trip more enjoyable.

Q: What's included with the FREE BBQ MEAL?
A: The FREE BBQ MEAL includes either 2 hot dogs or 1 cheeseburger, a large beverage, and a snack halfway on your trip at "The Famous River Hot Dog Man."

If you'd like a chicken breast sandwich, veggie burger, or nachos and cheese, you can upgrade your meal for $2.00 and replace your hot dogs or cheeseburger. If you'd like a bottled water, you can upgrade and replace your large beverage for $2.00.

Q: Do you have changing rooms?
A: Yes, we have changing rooms available. We also have a snack bar located at our operation's check-in.

Q: Can I buy tickets online before I come?
A: Yes, we occasionally offer special deals with Groupon, Living Social and other discounting websites. Buy tickets for your trip here from Peek.

Q: Can I bring my own equipment and just use your shuttle bus service?
A: Sorry, you can not bring your own equipment and use our shuttle services anymore due to our change in insurance policies. Furthermore, we do not offer parking for private recreationalists. You must rent equipment from Delaware River Tubing to use any of our services and property. Thank you for understanding.

Q: Do you have life guards?
A: No, this is an unguided river trip and you are choosing to participate at your own risk. We do however have staff with certified life guard, CPR and first-aid training. We also have 4-7 jet boats that scan up and down the river on weekends and 2-4 jet boats on weekdays.

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Hot Dog Stand - Sky View


The Hot Dog Man Food Stand is a floating restaurant on the water! It's a unique experience ordering fresh BBQ in shallow water. Pull your tube up, grab a bite and then resume your river adventure.

picnic tables

Great Food, Scenic Views & Great Swimming Area at Adventure Island

Delaware River Tubing is innovating the tubing / outdoor water sports industry with the Stay Together Strap.

Invented in 2010 by us for safety, ease and efficiency. Perfect for groups because our two clip straps allow both tubers to clip and unclip.

Imitation Stay Together Straps (single clip straps) and rope are not safe. Knots in rope get tighter under tension and when wet. Single clip straps don't allow either rider to disconnect in emergency.

The Original Stay Together Strap

ONLY at Delaware River Tubing

Delaware River Tubing Awards

RIP 2002-2012


Learn about how Peace helped protect the river in the interview below:



  • FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE | Shuttle bus rides to and from the river included with all tube, raft, kayak and canoe rentals.
  • FREE PARKING | We are the only tubing, rafting, canoeing and kayaking outfitter that doesn't charge for parking!
  • FREE RIVER ACCESS | The River Access Fee is now FREE and included with all rentals.
  • FREE KEY CHECK | Don't lose your keys! We are the only outfitter that includes a FREE key check.
  • FREE PADDLES | Included with every canoe, kayak and raft rental without extra add on fees.
  • FREE LIFE JACKETS | Safety is our number one priority. Included with every tube, raft, canoe or kayak rental.
  • ON SITE FACILITIES | Restrooms, Changing Rooms and Snacks!
  • NO DEPOSITS REQUIRED | We don't require any deposits for any rental.



The Famous River Hot Dog Man won the 2008 New Jersey Restaurant Association Award

Free Shuttle Rides


Our fun shuttle buses leave for the river every 10-15 minutes. They're pink or blue so you can't miss them!

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We offer free online website link exchanges. Family friendly websites can apply to do a link swap where we post your link on our website when you post our link on your website!

Best of all, once the link exchange is complete, you get two free passes!



Our blue shirts are hard to miss and our staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable of the river. Don't hesitate because you have river professionals taking care of you.

Did you know? Buy a Delaware River Tubing Special Edition Pirate Skull T-Shirt and you will receive $5 OFF on weekdays and $2 OFF on weekends on general admission tickets for life!

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The temperature averages in the mid 70's to high 80's during the peak summer months. It's PERFECT for cooling off on a hot summer day.


We don't allow alcohol or coolers because we want to protect the environment. All food is provided at Adventure Island, where we collect any waste to properly dispose.

Keeping the river clean will allow future generations to enjoy the river.

We LOVE the Delaware River and want everyone to enjoy this beautiful treasure, so we must all work together to protect it.

Please help us keep our river clean.









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